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Take two aspirin, call me in the morning.

It will be a while before the webcasts of last week’s big MPN Symposium in NYC are posted on-line….so I thought you might want a heads-up now.

This afternoon, I’ll post my experiences of New York’s high medical technology… and low cuisine exclusively to MPNforum Magazine subscribers.  (Just have to clean it up a bit first.) Next week we release it publicly in the November 15 issue.

The perspective:   Shopping for meds.  I have early MF, post ET and for the past 16 years my only med has been a single daily aspirin.

With a heavyweight assembly of hematologists and clinical investigators participating in the Symposium — Verstovsek, Mesa, Silver, Barbui, Hoffman, Spivak, and others —  and feeling my string of luck might be running out, I figured it would make sense to review other options.

Talk to you in a bit.


Comments on: "Special Report: New York City MPN Conference…." (3)

  1. Thanks so much for taking us to the conference! As usual it was a great read. I was so sorry not to be able to attend but this got me a birds eye view.
    Re treatment and “chemicals”, I guess this is just your perspective, “point”.

  2. Looking forward to the information, thanks!

  3. Look forward to it….

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