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New Option to Speak Out…

The Forum idea is to provide a platform for many voices.   Until now, once an article appears in the monthly MPNforum Magazine,  the only way other voices can be heard is through comments on articles.

Several subscribers requested a means to start a new topic, sound off about an event, broadcast news, complain, praise, argue about things impacting our MPN World.  

Now you can test drive our new Letters to the Editor feature.  It’s located near the bottom of the Home Page (  Just click on the link and have at it.  Your posting will be published instantly…so double check before you send.


Comments on: "New Option to Speak Out…" (6)

  1. Alison, I’m hoping others will weigh in on this one. No surprise you’re confused since there is very little that is certain about these diseases. Even the definition of “cure,” available so far only through stem cell transplant, is subject to interpretation. Your treatment depends on so many factors — your gender, age, DNA, clinical state, attitude, prior therapy, etc. — that even if there were a single right therapeutic path for you to take it would take careful evaluation by a deeply MPN experienced hematologist to arrive at it with your participation, In an absolutely real sense you’re putting your life on the line and a second valued opinion is the least you should be getting. To develop the trust in your hematologist necessary to build the long lasting relationship that will carry you through, consultation with others and your own applied study of your options will help enormously,. Good luck!

  2. How many people have had second opinions?is it necessary if the treatment and the cure is the same everywhere? at any hospital? I ‘m confused. I have been diagnosed with Myelofibroisis and told to have a bone marrow transplant….I go Sloan so I feel confident about what they are telling me.but people are telling me to get another opinion.any thouhts?thanks.

  3. Sorry..,. my error. Copy had been sent to the author for review in a password protected layout. The column will be available in the issue of November 15. Meantime, yes, I’m writing lines: “I must not post private docs publicly…I must not post private docs publicly…”


  4. what is the password for the Long winding road Did not see it on the email I received

  5. Sorry but the wrong ID in should have been Jeremy

  6. Hi Maureen,

    Glad to hear I have been of help.

    I hope to do an article on the subject of supplements soon.



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