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In the course of cleaning up the front cover of MPNforum Magazine — our Home Page — it looks like we went  a bit too far.

It was so “clean” that several subscribers wrote to say they couldn’t locate the links that led to the stories!  Sorry.  We went back in and highlighted the links, included the directions we should have added in the first place…and are now sitting in the corner having written 1000x on the blackboard “I must not try to be too cool.”

As an apology, of sorts, we added a neat feature discovered by Moshe…a button that lets you print readable, clean copies of each story as a PDF, if you prefer.  You’ll find the button at the end of the article right before the Comment box.



Comments on: "New features on Home Page — PDF/Print and Red Links" (1)

  1. It just gets better ‘n better. THANKS! Something reassuring about reading the articles of the pioneers of research into this ever-so-secret disorder, then our trek down the road together as every day, thanks to ongoing sharing, investigation and discovery, new information – and hopefully new remedies are forthcoming. Certainly as long as we hang together, we have HOPE!

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