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Good morning… We’re rushing a bit to press this month to get the October MPNforum into your hands before the start of  the weekend.    This is an issue of the magazine packed with features, photos  and opinion — Joyce, the MPN Drug WarsPanic Attack!, and Inside Look at the Cytopia Clinical Trial, a remembrance from Animal House and our full roster of internationally famed columnists  — Dr. Arch, Jeremy Smith, Patricia Wagner, and Dr. Michael Goldstein.

     There’s another reason for the day-early publication, a Ruxolitinib Alert.   Yesterday, Dr. Ayalew Tefferi and his associates at Mayo (Rochester) published a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine that would make all of us waiting for FDA approval of this drug sit up and take notice.  A summary and link to the letter are on the front page.

   Finally, we were able to publish early thanks to the efforts of volunteers Moshe Leib, Mary Hopper, Barbara Beckman, Ellen Jacquart, and Sheridan Emery.  Many thanks.    Enjoy the issue…and share your comments.



Comments on: "October MPN Forum Now Available at" (3)

  1. Hi, Debbie.. you can click on the links in the body of the home page copy or you can click on the OCTOBER contents tab on top, in the header, and there’s a drop down menu. Each article also has a HOME link that take you back to the home page Hope this works for you.
    We’ll make it clearer next time around.

  2. I see the introductory letter and Mariel’s comment, but not the articles–how do I get there?

  3. I hope I will be able to see the haplogroups of others when the issue comes out. I have been rummaging around the internet trying to find J1 material. My haplogroup is J1c2b, from 23andMe, and I know you are a J1 too, Zhen. It’s fascinating what I’ve found. I could write a long post on this effort, which was intended to find out precisely where my subgroup of J came from.

    Looks like J1 comes from Israel, Arabia, and the Caucasus countries around the Black Sea, about 7000 years ago, coming to Europe, where J1 forms small minorities in each European nation. The nation of my mother’s haplogroup, Ireland, has the largest percentage of any nation of J1 (Ireland has 11%, others in single digits). My father’s mother, from lowland Scotland, would also be a good guess to be J1, as I found material saying there were Sephardic Jews who came there from Flanders (this is historically correct), to the lowland area of Scotland, as in Paisley, a wool merchant and weaving town which is now part of Glasgow. But I do not have my paternal grandmother’s mitochondrial DNA, because 23andMe is able to do only maternal mitochondria. I know that her original Scots ancestor lived practically within Paisley, in what is now called Pollock Park. This is a matter of record, since the family donated to various abbeys, including Paisley and Melrose, and built their digs in what is now Pollock Park.

    Do you know, Zhen, how they were able to do your paternal Mitochondria when they could not do mine? This is complex and hard to understand, and what one finds from Googling is also a heap of material to sort through, much of it not comprehensible, but with nuggets of useable info here and there


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