Science & Medicine

Fall, Leaves are turning

As the flooding and scorching, quaking, wildfires of the Summer

start to recede under the blessings of Autumn, here’s a collection of stories, opinion, and news to help us turn over a few leaves ourselves.

First, a bit of history. We will look at the early days of MPN on-line patient support groups, the opening act of our series that traces their evolution from their fumbling beginnings in the earliest days of e-mail to today’s robust international traffic on the main MPN/MPD daily Internet support Lists… And you can get a sneak peak into practical genetics as Zhen opens his 23andMe report and shares the shock of intimate recognition….Then there’s our report from the Frontiers of Science featuring two blockbusters, an introduction to Ploidy and the reversal of fibrosis…and Strange Bedfellows, as blood and bone stem cells buddy up in a new niche.

Chromosomes, stems cells and megakaryocytes come into new focus. Our regular contributors have put on their wooly sweaters and hats to offer new pathways to health…Jeremy gets us off our knees and on our feet to beat fatigue..Patricia puts on her lab coat to show us our beliefs drive biology… Dr. Michael asks if patients even want to be empowered…and Dr. Arch is back in his Corner, holding forth on a range of issues. So come on in, look around and have your say, Comments wide open … Thursday, September 15.

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