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Coming up this Saturday

With the last of the proofread copies getting “pasted up” and uploaded,  the October MPNforum Magazine is being wheeled up to the launch pad.  This month we’re doing previews via a short slide show. Here’s the announcement sent to the MPN lists, the Foundation, and Facebook sites:

MPNforum Slide Preview Now On-line
Hi…. Remember Coming Attractions at the Movies?  Now, you can thumb through  the October  MPNforum Magazine using our spiffy new slide show.  .. featuring…
…A Joyce Niblack you never knew….Moshe on Panic Attack! and a Surprise Cure…Jeremy on the First MPN On-Line Support Group…Harvey takes us into the Cytopia clinical trial….Mary shares Animal House…plus  a conversation between bone and blood stem cells,  our regular columns and more.
      It’s all at your local now, Full issue Saturday, October 15.
   …Included on that announcement page are  special shout-outs to Ellen Jacquart, Moshe Leib, Sheridan Emery, Elizabeth Bassett and Barbara Beckman– acknowledgement of their role in tucking in the loose ends of articles and columns.  Our Editorial Board and contributors — comments and articles — can step up for a sincere thank you as well.

  Take a look and  do please let me know what you think…


Comments on: "Coming up this Saturday" (5)

  1. I’m confused. Is this an announcement of a slide show that previews the October edition? How does one access the slide show? As far as I can tell, this announcement has only one link, back to When I go there, it looks like the whole October edition is available (using drop-down menu at top right corner “October”), but I don’t see a slide show.

    • Hi Sonya…the slide show is just a preview of the issue. Once the issue is up, the slide show was replaced by the home page for the October issue…and you did access the articles via that dropdown menu. (You didn’t miss anything since all the photos in the slide show are in the issue.)

  2. Belated thanks Zhen, the Editorial Board, Contributors and other assorted elves – another great issue.

  3. Sorry, Sonya you’re right on both counts. For the next few days most sidebar links will be inactive since we’re doing major housekeeping, arranging to archive our first five months of articles, columns, and comments. The process requires pulling down Pages and warehousing them until we can re-post in an archival format. We’re hoping we can complete it by October 15.
    We used to publish a contact e-mail and we will resume the practice, right now,. Thank you for calling it to our attention,. We’ve just gotten so used to people e-mailing to any of us involved in putting the magazine together or commenting on the Facebook page that we got downright sloppy about things. We are getting better though. Watch,.

  4. I can’t access the “Bare, Naked DNA” article in the September archived magazine. The link goes to nowhere.

    Also, there is no obvious way to send questions like this to the web master.

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