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Sorry if the sound of vacuuming, sweeping and cleaning windows — or in any case Microsoft Windows has been making a racket and signalling your in-box with new posts.

   We’re doing some housekeeping at our MPNforum magazine site, cleaning up some typos and  archiving the June issue…so you may have seen notice of several older articles or columns myteriously  surfacing in your In-box.  Chalk it up to our struggles with the backend programming of the MPNforum…but we’re learning.   Next time around I think we can shuffle things around without waking the kids.

     All this is taking place to clear the decks for our July issue on newstands and our mailboxes everywhere  next Friday. And it’s a good one.

       We talk with Harvey Gould,   author, trial lawyer, and one of our members, who is on the Cytopia trial at Stanford…you’ll sit in on an  exclusive interview with Incyte CEO, Paul FriedmanPatricia Wagner shares her insights into meditation and the spirit body connection and the impact it has in her MPN battle… Dr.Michael Goldstein  gives us the straight scoop on getting the most from our visits with our docs…and then there’s our regular popular columnists, Jeremy and Dr. Arch holding forth in living color …  plus a few surprises as well.

      There’s plenty of time for you to post your comments on any past columns, posts,  articles or  the recent Special Report and get your thoughts and questions in front of the Forum. Just use the comment box, type in your comments and  hit Send. No postage necessary.

      And those June articles being cleared off the front page?  They’re not being squirreled away in the closet but will be forever available in our monthly archives in a box on our Home Page  to be reviewed or searched when you need them.

      We’re living in a revolutionary time for myeloproliferative neoplasms.   Together with the entire MPN community, let’s explore it!


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