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To MPNforum Subscribers:

The Special Report on myelofibrosis and Ruxolitinib is now available

at   There are three parts plus a New England Journal of Medicine reprint of the earlier Phase I/II clinical trial results .  You should have no problem navigating your way through the Report with the links in both the sidebar and header.

            Just a quick note:

            I started this project as a skeptic.  Even after reading the press releases that came out of ASCO inChicagoone month ago today, even after talking with Incyte CEO Paul Friedman, I remained skeptical that a JAK-2 inhibitor would make much of a dent in the progression of myelofibrosis.

            It took days of reviewing data and exhibits, long conversations and many e-mail clarifications from Dr. Verstovsek and Dr. Mesa and chief scientist Kris Vaddi before that skepticism slipped away and was replaced by real hope.

            I don’t know if the near miraculous results attained by so many in this trial will be durable nor if their lives will be significantly extended.  But I have no doubt the quality of life and the relief from discomfort and pain improved rapidly for most on the trial.  There were inevitable side effects and those are presented here as well.

            The clear results of these two Phase III clinical trials will hopefully lead to rapid FDA approval of the NDA filed by Incyte.  Please do review this Special Report and go to original documents cited…and above all comment upon and discuss the applications of our MPNs in the Forum as well as our various Lists and Facebook pages, so when the time comes we can be clear about whether or not this is one therapeutic option for us where before there has been none.  And it is likely the first step in expanded development of MPN drugs.


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