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Hi, there…Here it is Sunday just three days before launch of MPNforum our monthly MPN magazine. (MPN, it gets easy to say after years of MPD if you just keep at it)

  So what better time for a heads up, an apology, and a plea all rolled into one?

            As we struggled to figure out the mechanics of this new format many of you received page update notices and “test” posts.  Sorry about that.  And thanks for being so good humored about it.  Our learning curve extended to magazine production issues as we wrestled with copy changes, image inserts, and an unfamiliar programming environment.  We’ll get better at it.

            Yesterday, the final product was brought over to a test site for last review and after checking under the hood for a little bit we stepped back and there it was, a shining new MPN magazine chock full of good stuff.  Where did it all come from?

            It came from our MPN community.  There are serious downsides to myeloproliferative diseases but the upside is the creative energy of patients and caregivers we bump into as a result.   The energy and support of our MPN community  is astonishing.  Before publication, we have had more than 2300 visitors to our website and an avalanche of good luck e-mails. Thank you.

                 Vol. I, No. 1 will be published Wednesday, June 15.

            As a subscriber, you can register your likes and dislikes and detailed comments right after each article.  Please do it.  We need open feedback and lots of collaboration to make this project work. 

 And do, please, let your friends on MPDchat and MPD-NET who may not have gotten the word know that this Wednesday we all get our first monthly magazine.

MPNforum, a forum for the worldwide MPN community.





Comments on: "Heads up…Sorry…Thanks…Please" (1)

  1. As opener I would like to celebrate Judy Cuckston who brought on the MPN spring.
    She has had the courage to liberate us from the confines of rigidity. The process is not over as this new venture shows, that’s life. [ everybody sings “La Marseillaise”]

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