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Hi there…two quickies. One is just to pass along some information. The other is to get some input from as many of us who care to respond. 

First, we’re about to put our June 15 issue of MPNforum to bed. We have a preview of it up at our new address if you’d like to have a peek: 

    (the old address still works, too). 

Most articles are in edit status until next week and not available, but you can get an idea of what’s  coming up. 

Second, we have a Facebook group account for MPNforum  subscribers. It’s in a non-public  mode for now. The only way you would know it’s there is to go to Facebook and search for MPN Forum.

 Facebook is an easy and familiar way for us to keep in touch informally, to easily upload photos and videos, and to plan group events.  We were planning to automatically invite  all MPNforum subscribers to join the MPNforum Facebook group.

 What do you think?  Invite all subscribers to join our MPNforum Facebook group or not? 

 Thanks for all the input and support.  We’re really looking forward to reading comments on individual features in the first issue. And PLEASE do consider submitting your article proposals, news items, photos,  stories etc. for our July issue as soon as possible.  Easiest way is to e-mail




Comments on: "Coming Attractions & Facebook" (3)

  1. Go for it. I would invite everyone and those who want to join in will. Facebook adds
    another dimension to what you’re doing.

  2. Mary O'Leary said:

    I vote yes to Facebook. I’ve been doing it for years. No problems.

  3. Birgitta Alexius said:

    Hi Zhen,
    You know I am afraid of getting too many contacts if I join Facebook – I often get info about persons who want Facebook contact with me. I have already many contacts without Facebook.
    Kind regards

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